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Home at last | INFINITY libreria

Home at last | INFINITY bookcase

The second episode of the web series “Home at Last” is dedicated to the Infinity bookcase, a decidedly iconic product designed by architect Antonio Citterio in 2004 and best-seller of the Flexform production ever since. “The idea behind the Infinity bookcase was to have the container disappear in order to bring out the contents…” this quote by architect Antonio Citterio clearly expresses the concept which originated this modular system, made of metal plate stackable modules, which allow to create bookcases and storage units, displaying visual lightness and a nice interplay of full and empty spaces.

The video shows a young woman busy arranging her beloved objects, such as some selected books and objects. A portrait of pure domestic bliss, that perfectly conveys the Home at Last feeling, the claim that imbues the whole brand communication.

Next episode will feature the Cestone sofa.
Flexform Como is a brandshop born from a close collaboration between Flexform and Gerosa Design and it’s located in the centre of Como just a few Km from Milan, on the lake promenade.

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